Super Spicy Ice Cream in the world

Around the World Unique – In general, ice cream found has a sweet taste. soft and delicious. Because it is made from ingredients like milk, it tastes so delicious and appealing, it’s no wonder that ice cream is popular with almost everyone.

As time passes, ice cream is made from unusual and unique ingredients. Various varieties of ice cream flavors you can find, from fruit flavored ice cream, flavor of vegetables, milk taste, chocolate flavor, and even other unique flavors such as the taste of tempeh and tofu. In addition to the above flavor variants, there is ice cream that is not less unique and made from unusual ingredients, so for some people is very unreasonable.

As reported from the page, there is ice cream made from chili. This ice cream can be found in a cafe located in Scotland. According to news circulating, ice cream with unique flavor is made specifically to welcome Valentine’s Day.

Ice cream with super spicy flavor is named Respiro del Diavolo (Devil’s Breath) which means demonic breath. This nickname is not excessive, given the spicy flavor of ice cream is even reached 1.569.300 SHU scale Scoville, is a scale to measure the level of spiciness of cayenne pepper. Even spicy reaches 500 times more spicy than tabasco sauce.

For those who want to taste the ice cream Respiro del Diavolo this must reach the age of 18 years by previously signed an agreement given by the cashier where the ice cream is sold. Price per skopnya sold for Rp. 37,000.

Local health and food workers have guaranteed and checked the safety of this super-spicy ice cream. A Glosgow cafe owner, Lee Bandoni said, “There is a dining place called Devil’s Bridge in Italy that provides spicy ice cream as well, so we make super-spicy ice cream here in Scotland, it’s very safe, this ice cream is the first one in scotland and we’re sure people will like it.This has been checked by health workers and when they consume it, like there’s a nuclear explosion on the tongue and in the mouth. ”

According to the plan, Glosgow cafe will sell this super spicy ice cream until the celebration of Valentine’s Day. Most likely will continue to be sold if many devotees.

How about you, interested to taste it ??