The Story of a city without sunlight

There is always an interesting natural phenomenon in Europe. This time in Rjukan, Norway which is a city without sunlight. Though the sun is shining, his city will remain dark. How did it happen?

Rjukan city entered in the area Telemark, precisely in the valley at the foot of Mount Gaustatoppen. Distance from Oslo City, the Norwegian capital there about 2 hours 30 minutes. Rjukan, is actually an industrial city and not a tourist city.

However, Rjukan always make a curious traveler. Not because of the landscape, history or culture, but because the phenomenon of this city is not exposed to sunlight!

As quoted from Visit Norway’s official website, the phenomenon occurs for 6 months of the year, from around September to March when winter arrives. Actually, the sun appeared at that time but the light did not reach the city.

How did it happen? The answer is because of the steep slopes and Togel WAP mountains that surround the city. Uniquely during other seasons, sunlight can actually illuminate his city. Probably, because of his sun position alone.

In 1913, the founder of Rjukan City, Sam Eyde had a brilliant idea. He who pity to see the citizens because they can not feel the sun, then designed the making of a giant mirror on the mountain. From the mirror that later, reflected sunlight.

But unfortunately, the idea of ​​Sam Eyde can not be realized due to cost factors. The technology is also not yet sophisticated, making it must bite the fingers. The residents must be willing to ride the gondola to the top of the mountain if you want to get the sun.

Then next in 2013, one of the citizens working at the hydroelectric plant, Martin Andersen had a brilliant idea. He made three special mirrors measuring 17 square meters and placed on a 450-meter-high mountain slope. Mirror using heliostat method.

Heliostat is one of the new ways to exploit sunlight as illumination. However, it does not convert heat into electrical energy but simply utilizes sunlight to reflect into a space as illumination.

The sunlight reflected from the mirrors, can illuminate a city of 600 square meters. Of course, this is so good news for the locals who can relax without having to cape-cape up the mountain slope.

Andersen poured funds up to 5 million Nok or about Rp 8 Billion. Reportedly, that much money was obtained from the results of sponsors and government assistance. Andersen was rewarded and hailed by local residents. The name for his invention was ‘The Sun Mirror’.

Rjukan own city is inhabited by about 3,500 residents. Despite the reflection of the sun, still the city atmosphere a little dark as night. A unique experience, which can be obtained when traveling to Norway.