WOW! This Indonesian Can Make A Beautiful Paint Of Coins

The thing done by I Wayan Gd Smara Pradipta is extraordinary. He can make beautiful paintings only with the size of a coin. The details also look amazing and deserve a thumbs up. In fact, until now, the 26-year-old man has produced 400 mini paintings consisting of various objects.

Ara, his vocation, painting with objects such as stumps, trees, bad, poker88 until the objects are quite rumt painted. He can imitate paintings from famous painters such as Vincet van Gogh who owns the work of Starry Night and Scream. Ability of this Ara actually developed not too long because only started about two years ago.


“I started drawing like this starting 2014 ago, but the new focus in 2015,” Ara said as quoted by the BBC Indonesia page.

Even so, Ara is already a hobby of painting from an early age. He had broken the charcoal because there are limitations that have, namely partial color blindness. But Ara continues to be eager to paint even though coloring is an important part of this activity.

“The most difficult of the process (painting mini objects) is coloring, because I am partially color blind, so it is not sensitive to distinguish colors. I used to ask this friend what color is it? What color is this? But now it is no longer because there is a color identification application on the phone that makes it easy, “said Ara. “Drawing with detail is also difficult, so that experience seems to me important,” he added.
Miniature painting that is cultivated by Ara get attention from social media users, especially in Instagram. Ara uploaded all the works in his @talkingtothewalls account. The account already has up to 15,000 account king4d followers. Ara says that people who see his work on average are quite happy and appreciative.

“They always give comments and criticism. That’s what really helped me to fix the mistakes in the previous painting, “he concluded.